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North Zulch High School - North Zulch, Texas

Project Photos

Front Entrance

Small description for front entrance.

Night View

Small description for night view.


Small description for gymnasium.


Small description for cafeteria.

Axon Plan

Small description for Axon Plan.

Gym Entrance

Small description for gym entrance.

Gym Entrance, second view

Small description for gym entrance, second view.


Small description for mascot.

Science Lab

Small description for science lab.

Specs / Data

  • 200 students
  • 50,000 square feet

The design goal of the North Zulch I.S.D. planning committee was to maintain the cohesive atmosphere of a small high school, while providing the latest in educational opportunities for their students. The result is an efficient plan with multiple-use core facilities serving pre-K through 12th grades. The new school environment enhances student achievement and provides a vital catalyst in the North Zulch community.

The new high school shares cafetorium and kitchen facilities with the junior high and elementary schools. Ten classrooms—including a new music facility and science classroom—have been added to four existing classrooms to complete the school. The facility includes a 700-seat competition gymnasium with a public lobby, locker rooms and coaches’ offices. The high school administration offices are located at the front, while an airlock entry to the receptionist area aids in campus security. A principal’s office, PIEMS office, conference room and nurse’s office are located in the administration suite.